Step By Step Summer Skincare Routine

by Bubble Butts on August 21, 2019

Summer Skincare Routine

12 Step Summer Skincare Routine

Skin Care, in present times, is one of the vastly discussed subjects among the many climatic concerns we are faced with and taking into account the climatic parameters of metropolitans subject to pollution and atmospheric degradation, albeit, a coastal city like Mumbai, one is exposed to greater levels of humidity and can never be too involved with skincare. Helping our skin replenish itself after a beating on a regular basis owing to environmental contaminants which have somehow also made their way into our food and water has made overall healthcare a tricky subject. After all, a healthy inside reflects health on the outside. Besides, picking up a good summer skincare routine along the way to achieving healthy glowing skin is definitely a win-win.  

However, focusing primarily on the aero-contaminants that act up, especially due to a summer temperature-surge combined with “Bombai-ki-humidity,” and as quirkily ghetto as it may sound it is something that the ones living in Mumbai-conditions will only relate to. Thus, we bring you a 12-step remedy that is simple to follow and helps you maintain your radiance without involving any gross medication or chemicals. Given below is the most effective 12 step summer skincare routine:

Dump Your Winter Face Wash

The heavily clichéd, “change is the only constant” gets a score here, as a change in climate implies the need for exhibiting adaptation, furthermore, making changes in one's day-to-day routine. Thus, the transition suggests that your winter foams and face washes need to go as summer skin problems like excess oil, acne, etc cannot be treated with winter-nourishing soaps or face washes. However, if you have dry skin or sensitivity issues like eczema then you must consider mild and low-foaming cleansers. This is that step of a summer skincare routine that usually people are not aware of.

Moisturizing Is Not Just A Winter Thing

So, here we are again to smash another stereotype. It is a largely perceived understanding that our skin needs moisturization only in the winter which is off by a longshot. Although, one must lay off of those heavily buttered shea-coco creams only to switch to milder non-greasy moisturizers that go well with our hot and humid weather.

Pamper Your Skin, Invest In Hydrating Masks

Summer is that one time of the year when our skin is taking the harshest beating. While taking into account the effect heat has to inactivate chemical compounds present in the atmosphere owing to city-pollution, along with the humid climate that leaves us perspiring and greasy, the combination of both renders our pores clogged with these environmental contaminants with our skin looking exhausted and dull. Thus, it is but only fair to treat your skin once a while with a nice 10-minute face pack time for eliminating stress and fatigue from your skin with an appropriate mask best-suited for your skin.

Thou Shall Remember To Exfoliate

Human skin naturally sheds its dead skin cells on a consecutive 30-day basis in order to make room for new cells. However, there are times when these lifeless cells fail to shed completely and leave behind dry skin flakes or patchy skin which ultimately results in the clogging of pores that congest the skin and prevent it from breathing. This is where exfoliating comes in, a process for clearing these dead skin cells which end up forming a layer over our skin with the help of granular face scrubs or washes. Albeit, exfoliation has once again presented to be a tricky subject for people concerned with sensitive skin, nonetheless, you can always opt for natural alternatives like olive oil with natural sea salts or you can simply buy our coffee bean exfoliator consisting of all-natural and organic ingredients like roasted ground coffee beans, organic brown sugar and a mix of the most luxurious oils that have been used for cleansing purposes through history. This is the most important step in summer skincare routine.

Forget Not The Sun-Protection Cream

Under the protection of this companion, nothing could ever go wrong, although, one must be sure to opt for a sunscreen that specifically tends to cover the further extending spectrums or ultraviolet like UVA and UVB rays. Apply it well around your hands, feet, neck and any other exposed areas on your skin. If you are someone who needs to spend long hours in the sun then you must consider applying sunscreen every 3-4 hours.

You Really Don’t Need That Makeup

You don’t need makeup as you were beautiful the minute you were born. However, the use is subject to personal choice, therefore, one must cease or ease up to minimal facial cosmetics for allowing the skin to breathe as heat and humidity render these cosmetics to clogs the pores, suppressing the ability to breathe.

Use Cucumber And Aloe-Based Toner

Oil accumulation on skin and acne is one of the major concerns that largely occurs to most of us during this time of the year. Considering the use of a natural-organic toner, preferably cucumber or aloe-based can help in closing the open pores on the skin, especially the T-zone region of the face, which is the largest concentration of the sebaceous gland due to which our noses and foreheads abnormally shine and attract dust and other pollutants, enabling them to stick around.

Eat Right!

As many of you might already know, diet is the most essential facet of our beauty care regime that is why it is part of a summer skincare routine. Incorporating food that exhibits antioxidizing properties in your regular diet help in propelling collagen production which assists in scavenging harmful free radicals that damage the texture of the skin. Fruits rich in citrus, leafy and other green vegetables, green tea, nuts, and whole grains can be considered as potential diet alternatives to get healthy and younger-looking skin.

Keep Them Glasses Coming

Drinking water is probably the best and the most helpful remedy for attaining to soft, beautiful skin. Although, a simple answer never satisfies the human mind it truly is that simple as the aqua helps in flushing out harmful toxins and salts via perspiration or a tinkle. Therefore, make sure to stay hydrated, 2-3 liters of water a day and you should witness the results first-hand.

Don’t Neglect Your Feet

It is something that is most common among all of us, as the focus is primarily streamlined to what stands out as our identity i.e. our face. As our feet are the closest to being under friction and mostly exposed to dust, it is also the region shedding and accumulating the most dead-skin cells thus exfoliation again is a mandate in this scenario. With an extensive threshold of varying exfoliators and scrubs to choose from with respect to skin-type, one must also consider moisturizing their feet from time to time.

Tend To Sensitive Areas Around The Eye Region

Considering how sensitive the skin around our eyes are thinner and delicate compared to the rest of our facial skin, one must adopt milder options for this area. While an under eye gel consisting of hyaluronic acid would do just fine, one can’t seem to miss the simpler and all-natural options like honey or even cucumber for keeping the eye-region hydrated prevent wrinkles from forming.

Keep It Simple And Natural

Lastly, try to keep your summer skincare routine as simple as possible rather than exposing the skin to a number of tonics and serums. Nothing is friendlier to the skin as compared to ingredients that come directly out of nature’s basket. Take cold-water showers during summer as it helps to contract the over-exposed pores and relieving the itchiness of the skin.